Here you find rare and original items.

Please inquire what you need, but bear in mind, even though I have a  reasonable collection of these items, it does not mean I found them in my backyard and also, so far I did not find anybody giving these parts away for free. We all know, as soon some names such as, Rolls Royce, Bentley, Ferrari, Jaguar, Prada, Gucci etc… is written on it, people do have the impression it has some value. Even people who closed their workshop, or having sold their own car are aware of the market and do ask money for it. On top of the purchase price I am paying postage, insurance, custom, duty and VAT on it. If thinks are sold via eBay and payment via PayPal it is getting even worse.

The good thing is, you do not have to search and spend years to find them. But you need to be prepared to pay at least my expenses. Therefore you can be assured to get original, authentic parts and not  those often seen reproduction or wrongly described items.

Often I find incomplete sets, or some items are just too worn, then I replace them with the identical item but in appropriate condition to match the rest.

Tool rolls xk 140 and 150, E type S1 and S 2

All metallifacture jack models

Maintenance and spare part books

You have something for sale? Please let me know.

E type tool roll S1
E type tool roll S1

Jaguar E Type tools explains all original Jaguar E Type accessories which came with the car when originally delivered