To my person

My name is Maikel Lemke,

Born in Dezember 66 in Germany.


Educated car mechanic in ’87

Bachelor degree of combined Engineering in ’92 Coventry

Dipl. Ingenieur Maschinenbau in ’95 Osnabrück

Dipl. Wirtschaft Ingenieur  in ’97 Cologne

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  1. Hello Maikel,
    Would you happen to have any of the original churchill tools such as the ones used to do the front and rear suspension alignment on the E types?

  2. Hi Maikel,
    I am looking for an external locking bonnet key which would have been original, do you have any in stock, I have a picture I could email across to you.



  3. Hi Micheal , I have a 1962 (May) Jaguar e type FHC, do you have an original brown bag to keep and preserve the hand book? And do you have an original handbook in Italian? Best regards. Otto

  4. Dear Mr. Lemke,
    I am interested in finding for a 1961 Series 1 Etype.
    Owners manual
    and anything else you might consider appropriate for said car.
    Thank you.
    Kind regards,

  5. Hi Maikel, I live in Australia & own a very early 1961 flat floor white FHC – car number 47. I am looking for a complete set of original correct items to compliment the car. This would include Handbook / Brochures, Jack, Tools, Accessories etc. The car is in excellent correct condition so these items would also need to be the best available. Hope you can help. Regards, Richard.

  6. Maikel,

    The XK140 Tool Kit picture (for sale on your website)says all box spanners are “original”, yet one 7/17″ x 1/2″ is NOT 6″ long as it should be. Can you please explain why? I am confused. Thank you, Bob

  7. Hi Maikel.

    I hope all is well with you and your wife.
    I’m looking for an XK150 screwdriver.
    Do you have one for sale for me?

    Kind regards,
    Wijnand van de Winckel
    Yara Sluiskil

  8. hi maikel,
    i,m trying to assemble a toolkit for a 67 2+2, could you please advise me which tyre valve removal tool i need, plastic or brass?
    many thanks,

  9. Hello Maikel ,3 years ago y bought from T Buckus a shelley jack lj 225 with 2 stack spindle , is it possible for you to modify it to 3 stack spindle ?,Y am near grenoble France ,Best Regards Patrick PS it is for an OTS fromSeptember 1961

  10. Hello Maikel , Would it be OK to add a link to your site from our site? you have some great stuff on here and some good info on what is correct and how to spot fakes/ repos, Regards Dave D (

  11. Maikel,

    My car is September 17, 1962 FHC 886918 and the original Handbook which I have is E/122/2.

    My question is, was a Lubrication Chart supplied in my original pouch and if so can you supply? If no Chart was supplied, can you provide a copy as it would be very useful to have for maintenance purposes?


  12. Hi Maikel,
    Do you have a set of owners handbook/pouch etc. Suitable for a 1966 4.2 FHC ?. I would also be interested in a complete tool roll if you have one,

  13. Hi,
    I am looking for a set of box spanners and feeler gauges for my June 63 fhc…..
    Do you have an original decent tool roll/bag aswell?

    Can you help apologies for the questions 🙂

    1. Hello,
      I do not sell any single or sets of box spanners. The box Spanners are the only items I am selling exclusively with a complete tool roll.

  14. Hello,

    I am looking for owner’s manual for my Oct ’63 e-type FHC.

    Would you have one? Do you know if it should be E/122/3 or E/122/4?

    Best Regards, Tadek

  15. Hi
    I am restoring a 1962 E Type Coupe and am pleased to have located your website, nice to locate a genuine dealer and enthusiast.
    Lately I have been ripped off with repro items listed as original.
    Will be in touch.
    Mike Chapman

    1. Hello Mike,
      thank you for your feedback. I have been ripped of as well when I bought my very first tools but that is the reason why I started this website.
      Still can not understand how many people are being fooled even today where I am giving so much help.
      Want to see your car on the road.

  16. Hello Maikel

    I have a Series 1, 4.2 litre 1965 model without tool roll or jack. Please advise me if you have either available and the purchase cost (for shipment to New Zealand)


  17. Hi there –

    I am looking for original tools/books/literature for my very early E-Type: RHD FHC 860006. Please can you let me know what you have?



  18. Hi

    I am in the process of restoring a 1965 series 1, 4.2 litre OTS VIN Code: 1E11542. It is missing a tool roll and jack. I am looking for a pristine condition original set (not reproduction). do you have one and if so what would it cost.


  19. I am restoring my 1961 e-type OTS, 876024, and looking for the following:
    – an original owner’s manual
    – the Jaguar plastic pouch it came in
    – the periodic maintenance voucher book
    – a Shelley LJ225 jack
    Thanks for any help you might offer.
    Dave Schinbeckler

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